Way of working on a recording day:

The session will start with setting up, tuning and sound checking the drums. This usually happens in the evening because then the next morning, the results can be checked with fresh ears and any required adjustments can be made before starting the actual recordings. The drums are recorded with a click track support and / or by the simultaneous recording of guitars and / or bass. These so-called scratch tracks can be used to support the musicians when tracking the final parts later on in the session.

Optionally, di-signals from the guitar and the bass can be recorded. In case these performances are tight enough, they can be used for re-amping in a later stage.

At the end of the drum session, recordings are made of all single components of the kit. These can be used to make corrections and edits to the actual recordings, if necessary.

When the drums, guitars and bass are recorded, the lead and backing vocals will be next. Finally any keyboards, MIDI tracks, sound effects and samples can be recorded. The possibilities are endless.

A recording day starts at 9:00 am and lasts until 18:00, unless agreed otherwise. After 18:00 the hourly rate applies. In case a day is only used partially, the cost will be in proportion as well.

During the recordings, it is desirable to minimize people in the studio, but at least two band members, for maximum focus and ditto results. Avoid inviting friends and acquaintances so that disturbing scenes on the other side of the glass will not distract performing musicians.