other services


  • In case you have recorded your tracks in another studio and want Toneshed to mix it, get in touch for the requirements and possibilities.


  • Re-amping is sending out the recorded DI signals of a guitar or bass, to an amplifier with speaker cabinet and re-recording the produced sound again. This allows for dialling in the required guitar sound during the mix phase, instead of settling for it during the recording session.

Song writing / Composing

  • In case songs need some tweaking or a complete makeover, Toneshed can support in the song writing process. Best results can be expected in the pop, rock or metal genre. This service is included in the regular recording process and comes at no additional cost.
  • Need an awesome intro for your CD? Some orchestral sections? Toneshed can assist in the composing process as well.

Studio consultancy

  • Consider building your own recording space or isolation booth? Toneshed has done it before so why not benefit from the knowledge obtained.
  • Consider buying your first DAW? Get in touch!

Pre-production support

  • Want to save some studio time and be well prepared? Want to do part of the recordings yourself? Get in touch for some time and money saving advice, tips on preparation, gear, software etc.


  • You recorded some awkward sounding and out of tune vocal takes? Of course you want those fixed before your performance enters the public space. Just send your files and they will get the essential touch up.

Vinyl restoration

  • Own some good old classics on vinyl and had them digitized with all the noise and crackle? Just send your files for a special treatment that removes all the artifacts in the files, resulting in a crisp and clear sounding file. Please note we can not do the vinyl to digital transfer for you.