About toneshed

Toneshed is a project studio, located in Horst, the Netherlands and owned by Erwin Hermsen (co-founder of death-metal band Mangled †), who wanted to bring his passion for recording noisy metal bands to the next level. In 2003, after recording numerous bands in their rehearsal rooms for almost ten years, the building of Toneshed Recording Studio started and it would take several years to finish. In 2004 the immortalization of its customers’ musical efforts took off.

Toneshed Recording Studio can take care of a variety of services.

  • Sound recordings, including live drums (28 tracks simultaneously)
  • Mixing of multi-track recordings
  • Mastering of two-track recordings
  • Re-amping DI tracks (guitar and bass)
  • Auto-Tuning
  • Vinyl restoration
  • Advice and support regarding general composition, songwriting, pre-productions, intros / outros etc.