"Top quality studio, top quality mixing and top guy to work with. Analytical, highly skilled and fast-acting. Highly recommended"

Patrick Mameli - Pestilence

"Erwin's contribution to our album 'Swine Plague' really took us to a next level. He has the knowledge, the patience and the sounds. We will surely work with him for future albums and other projects"

Robbie Woning - DeadHead

"Toneshed Recording Studio gave Inquisitor's latest recording "Stigmata Me, I'm In Misery" a contemporary sound with a strong old school vibe, which is what we envisioned as how we wanted our album to sound.
Furthermore it was great working with Erwin"

Erik Sprooten - Inquisitor

"The cooperation between Erwin Hermsen / Toneshed and CIRITH GORGOR dates all the way back to our 1997 demo “Mystic Legends…”. Most of our full-length albums (as well as numerous albums of the band members’ other bands like WALPURGISNACHT, GRIMM, ZWARTKETTERIJ and MASS DECEPTION) have been recorded at Toneshed Recording Studio in Horst, to great satisfaction of all musicians involved. Over the years, Erwin has greatly enhanced his knowledge regarding recording and sound engineering which has resulted in an ever increasing sound quality of the final products. The latest CIRITH GORGOR release “Sovereign” bears witness to this development by attaining a new standard of exceptionally well-balanced intensity. Aside from the relaxed recording environment, particularly Erwin’s critical listening and extensive experience ensure that CIRITH GORGOR will return to the Toneshed in the future"

Marchosias - Cirith Gorgor

"Working with Erwin while recording “Fortune Favors The Bold” has been a fun and great experience. His professionalism, down to earth approach and humor absolutely smoothened the whole process. Never too scared to share his point of view (both production and artistic wise) which to me is a very good quality of a record producer. I know for a fact that I’ll be recording the next record at Toneshed as well!"

Sander Stappers - Souls Of Deaf

"In April 2018 we recorded our debut EP with Defy the Curse. It was a pleasure to work with Erwin. His professional skills and knowhow resulted in a blasting record. I worked with several other producers and saw many different studio’s from inside, but the Toneshed Studio is mostly recommended if you want the best out of your musical project"

Harold Gielen - Defy the Curse

“Hammerheart Records started working with Toneshed Recording Studio some years ago, and through time Erwin became our remaster-specialist and more of our bands were wise enough to record or mix with him. Toneshed delivers quality and I think it is fair to say that these days Toneshed is THE recording facility for Metal in The Netherlands. Topnotch sound and delivered by a friendly guy who knows the drill, also always willing to make that extra mile"

Guido Heijnens - Hammerheart Records

"Erwin is very driven to get the best results out of the band, to get the best sound possible. And great to work with too!"

Peter Cox - Rock Company

In our search for recording our first full length album we walk onto Erwin from Toneshed. After a phone-call the foundation of a corporation seemed to be strong. And afterwards we can say: “hell yeah, it was”.
1. Dedication, 2. Professionalism, 3. Eager for quality, 4. Specialist in metal production: Four basic aspects that Erwin possesses. Due this, he’s delivering us the customized sound on our debut album “Decay by Greed”, great production work!

Ralph de Boer - Radiathor

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